How-to Guide

Read on to learn more about the different kinds of tests, what you need to do
to find a testing facility and how to book an appointment today.

Research Requirements for your Travel Destination
Different countries across the world are adopting a variety of measures to halt the spread of the virus. However, not all nations follow the same approach, and therefore some have different regulations regarding what is required for entry. Many countries now require PCR-tests that are administered in a certain timeframe as a pre-cautionary measure.

Please check the requirements on your travel destination’s website.
Enter your State and select the relevant tests.
By using our expansive and growing database, you are now able to search within your state to find the most appropriate and secure COVID-19 testing facilities. You will need to select ALL the relevant tests depending on where you are heading to make sure you are fully prepared. We are updating the database multiple times a day as more reviews are made in order to provide the best possible service. Please be sure to check back to see if any new services have been documented in your state. We will only add new testing locations after reviewing the facility and making sure it is up to our strict standards.
Get in contact and book an appointment.
After you have chosen the most suitable provider for you, you will need to reach out and get in contact with them. The contact information can be found on our page, however it will be your responsibility to organise an appointment and visit.

Please also remember that whilst we try to provide the most up to date information, there is a possibility that the facility no longer provides tests or has become defunct. Please edit or report the facility. If you have successfully done your test, you can also verify the location.


Once you have gotten the necessary tests done, its then time to pack your
bags and have a safe flight!